Everyone wants a great sex life, just like we see in the photograph above this article. Hot people with burning lust on their lips and in their hips. No hang ups or inhibitions. TV tells us everyone around us is having it…. How many TV shows and movies show men and women tearing each others clothes off in a fit of passion after a long day of hard work with the front door barely closed behind them? But in today’s busy, stressful world, it is easy to suffer from numerous sexual issues: stemming from either the physical, mental or emotional. Growing up in a dysfunctional household (which seems to be the norm these days) can have lasting effects on the psyche of an individual for a start. Traumatic experiences build up within the nervous system and are difficult to shift giving us neurosis. Bad diet and unhealthy habits lead to all sorts of biological issues leading to numerous malfunctions within the body’s basic operating systems. Being tired alone is a huge passion killer, or being a parent, which equates to being tired most of the time. There are so many ways we can just lose touch with our bodies all together — leaving us cold, numb, devoid of energy, passion and lust.

When it comes to our body, and in particular our sexuality, seeing as we have all lived very different lives and walked unique paths, it really cannot be a ‘one cap fits all’ solution that is offered when addressing a lost libido either. As I have found out myself upon my own journey back to sexual wellness, we are like onions with layer upon layer to peel away. We hold on to things that can become buried under other ‘stuff’ and become lost and forgotten yet ever present in our reaction to closeness and connection — resentment is one such toxic emotion that just eats away at desire.

And to top it all off, women seem to be much less able to cure sexual dysfunction then men. Go figure! Our sexual self is highly emotional and very complicated.

I have also found out that a biological issue (unless life threatening or untreatable) is usually far easier to heal then a psychological one. If all you are lacking is a good sleep, 2000 mg of vitamin C and a good dose of selenium this is easily rectified, but if you suffer full blown PTSD from abuse or trauma, it is far more complicated: but there is hope. There is a way to stoke the fire and get a flame going once more.

I have personally been through a very lengthy process and hope to share with you the many things that have helped me, holistically, to remind myself of my true essence. To remind myself of pleasure and intimacy. Something every human being deserves and one of the reasons I have started this blog and my company ‘Pleasing Partners’. In future articles I will offer more tangible tips to get you flowing in the right direction, from health and vitality to just out and out sexual gratification, no stone will remain unturned. So keep it tuned folks until the next exciting episode….

Yours sincerely and very intimately,

Rachel Mamoni,

Co Founder of Pleasing Partners.